Dogtown Saint Augustine lends a certain amount of boarding space to dogs that are in need of a home.

We get our dogs in a variety of ways, and each dog has its own special story. Each dog that stays with us is completely vetted and gets to take part in all activities that our boarding and daycare customers get to. This helps us learn tons about their personality and helps them grow in their social skills. They are exposed to new people, environments and dogs, allowing them to learn and grow positively. All adoptions require an application process. Please call and speak with Chelsea or Tori to receive more information on how our adoption process works.

The following dogs are looking for their forever homes! Feel free to contact us for more information on these pups!

If you are interested in adopting one of these cuties call Chelsea or Tori at (904) 347-2363

Doug Adopt


Dougie! The little brother you didn’t ask for but will (forcibly) admit sure makes each day a lot more fun. Doug is a fan of seeing the midnight premieres of movies (twice), practical jokes, and obnoxious group texts. Doug prefers home cooked meals over going out and will admit that cuddling is pretty cool, although he will never tell his buds that.

Bernie Adopt


Bernadette is the kind of friend who shows up at your house with cookie dough and your favorite movie when she knows you’ve had a bad day. She is the one all your inside jokes are with. The kind of friend who gives you the confidence to get that one dress you feel too self-conscious to wear, but you really loved. Everyone deserves a friend like Bernie.

Kevin Adopt


Kevin. The most love-able backseat driver, the guy who will always find a way to make you laugh, even when you want to be angry, the guy who remembers your go to Taco Bell order and never, ever forgets the extra sauce packets. Kevin is up for adoption and looking for someone to share his zest for life with.